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Illinois Attorneys Sue Food Manufacturers for Victims of Allergic Reactions

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Personal Injury Attorneys Represent Food Allergy Victims in Chicago and Throughout the U.S.

When an individual with a food allergy buys food at the grocery store, they do so with that allergy in mind. For 26 million adults and 5.6 million children in the United States, ingredient labels are often the only line of defense between an enjoyable meal and a dire health emergency. Consuming even a trace amount of an allergen can send them into shock, which can only be remedied with an epinephrine (EpiPen) injection and subsequent medical treatment.

Unfortunately, food production methods in the U.S. are far from infallible. According to Food Safety Magazine, of 456 food recalls during a recent 12-month period, 218 were due to the presence of undeclared allergens. The most common allergens were milk (50 percent), egg (16 percent), soy (13 percent), almonds (9 percent), and peanuts (8 percent). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration includes these, other tree nuts, wheat, fish, and shellfish in its list of allergens that must be declared on food packaging. These account for 90 percent of all allergic food reactions in the U.S. Because of an increase in serious reactions, sesame may soon be added to the list.

The experienced food poisoning lawyers at Newland & Newland, LLP pursue justice for clients sickened by unsafe practices by large-scale food producers. We seek maximum compensation for those who suffer severe food allergy reactions after eating improperly labeled food items. We also hold food production companies accountable in an effort to improve public safety.

Food Production Cross-Contamination

Processed foods are often contaminated by food allergens due to insufficient procedures and safety measures. This frequently happens due to cross-contact from the substandard cleaning of equipment on a production line, which causes particles from an allergen to end up in the next item made on the line. Other serious food allergy reactions are caused by incorrect packaging or labeling of a product. Also, some companies say on their packaging that an item "may contain" an allergen as a way to cover for their deficient equipment sanitation, but even food industry experts agree this is unsatisfactory.

How a Food Poisoning Lawyer Can Help

If you or a family member experienced a severe food allergy reaction due to a contaminated food product, contact a personal injury attorney from Newland & Newland, LLP as soon as possible. Your case may be a rare occurrence or could become part of a class-action lawsuit along with many others who suffered similarly. Regardless of the scenario, you can depend on our diligent care and aggressive approach as we pursue justice on your behalf.

Contact a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

Newland & Newland, LLP is ready to fight for the financial award you need for a full physical, emotional, and financial recovery following a preventable food allergy reaction. To discuss a possible food poisoning lawsuit as part of a free phone consultation with a skilled Illinois injury lawyer, contact us at 312-981-0409 today. We have five convenient Chicago area locations to serve you, including Arlington Heights, Libertyville, Chicago, and Itasca.

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