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Cut Fruit Causes Salmonella Outbreak in 11 States

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Cut Fruit Causes Salmonella Outbreak in 11 StatesSalmonella is one of the most common sources of food poisoning in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that 1.35 million people receive salmonella infections each year, which leads to 26,500 hospitalizations and 420 deaths. People most often associate salmonella with eating raw or undercooked meats. A CDC study published in 2011 found that 67 percent of the salmonella outbreaks came from poultry, eggs, pork, and beef. However, salmonella bacteria can contaminate any food, including fruits and vegetables.

Cut Fruit Tied to Recent Outbreak

Tailor Cut Produce recalled several cut fruit products on Dec. 7 because of the risk of salmonella contamination. The products included:

  • The Fruit Luau cut fruit mix
  • Cut cantaloupe
  • Cut honeydew melon
  • Cut pineapple

According to the CDC, the salmonella outbreak is believed to have infected 96 people from 11 states – including one person from Illinois. Twenty-seven of those patients were hospitalized, and there are no reports of related deaths. Tailor Cut Produce sold the fruit to food service companies that served it to patrons in schools, hospitals, and hotels. In this case, a victim would seek compensation from the original seller of the contaminated fruit and not the institution that served the fruit – unless that institution still served the fruit after learning about the recall.

How Does Fruit Get Contaminated?

The CDC recall alert did not explain the cause of the salmonella contamination in the cut fruit. Salmonella comes from the feces of animals and humans who carry the bacteria in their intestines. There are a variety of ways that the bacteria can spread to produce such as fruits:

  • Contaminated water may be sprayed onto the fruit.
  • Fruits that grow close to the ground may come in contact with infected manure used as fertilizer.
  • Failure to sterilize surfaces and utensils can spread the bacteria from other foods to the fruit.

Because people do not often cook fruit, it is important to wash fruit before eating it. However, it is difficult to protect yourself against contaminated pre-cut fruit if it was cut with a knife that had bacteria on it.

Contact an Illinois Food Poisoning Attorney

The cost of treating a salmonella infection could be high if you need to be hospitalized. People infected with salmonella usually fully recover, but there are cases where people developed chronic health problems.  A Chicago food poisoning lawyer at Newland & Newland, LLP, has helped many clients receive compensation after their salmonella infection. Schedule a consultation by calling 312-981-0409.


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