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Nut Butters Contaminated with Listeria Could Cause Food Poisoning

For some people, nut butters can be a matter of life and death simply due to food allergies. These allergies can cause extreme reaction such as shortness of breath, swelling, and in severe cases, even death. In recent months, there has been an entirely different reason why some people are avoiding these creamy spreads. Several nut butters on the market have been recalled due to the possibility of contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.

Because these products have a long shelf life, there is a good possibility that you may have one of these products sitting on your pantry shelf right now. Listeria contamination in products that are ready to eat can cause serious illness and food poisoning because the consumer does not heat them to kill the pathogens before consuming.

What is Listeria Monocytogenes?

A Night Out Turned Deadly

One of the most popular restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee is facing several million-dollar lawsuits after a salmonella outbreak struck roughly 20 of its patrons. It was early August, and many of the customers consumed eggs or egg-based dishes at a popular hotspot called Milk & Honey. The damages being alleged in the lawsuit are close to $6 million, and the authorities believe they have tracked infected eggs to one particular farm in Alabama.

Once food inspectors got involved, it was discovered that even though the farm produced infected eggs, the restaurant was also at fault. It was discovered that the restaurant was not cooking their dishes correctly, specifically a gnocchi dish. At the end of the day, the restaurant was blamed for poor training. They apparently were cooking the dishes 10 degrees lower than the industry standard for safe food preparation.

The disturbing events described above highlight how much the public relies and trusts the restaurant industry to safely prepare food for us. Upon further reflection, think about how many times during the week we rely on chefs at restaurants to safely prepare food. On a weekly, if not daily basis, we put our lives in the hands of complete strangers. With this trust comes a great responsibility on the part of farms and restaurants. $6 million dollars may sound like a ludicrous sum for a week of discomfort, but the compensation should be great when compared to the level of trust and responsibility inherent in the customer-restaurant relationship.

Source of Romaine Lettuce Food Poisoning Outbreak Still Unknown

Regulators from the Food and Drug Administration say they have been unable to identify the source of contamination in a food poisoning outbreak that resulted in people being told to avoid romaine lettuce last fall. They studied a water reservoir at a Santa Barbara County farm in California that was contaminated with E. coli. However, the contaminated reservoir does not explain how other farms growing lettuce were also contaminated.

In addition, the short shelf-life of the leafy green makes it even more difficult to perform investigations in these types of outbreaks. Although food safety in leafy greens has been a long-standing issue, the industry continues to search for ways to minimize the risk. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that when eating raw produce there is always a risk of being contaminated with a foodborne illness.

Pursuing Compensation for Food Poisoning

How to File Food Poisoning Lawsuits in Illinois

Food poisoning has become a common danger that can affect any person at anytime. While many people attribute a bout of food poisoning to mere bad luck, in most cases, the food poisoning is a result of someone else's negligence. For this reason, a food poisoning victim can file a personal injury lawsuit to receive much-needed compensation. Food poisoning not only affects your health, but it also drains you financially and professionally. You will be responsible for hospital bills, you will lose wages for time off work, and in rare cases, a victim may even succumb to death. When any of these damages are incurred, an experienced Illinois food poisoning attorney can help.

Getting the Proper Evidence is Essential

The chances of winning a food poisoning lawsuit are high if the number of people affected is large. Regardless of the number of victims, filing a lawsuit requires evidence of the at-fault party's negligence. A food poisoning lawyer can help you further investigate whether others were affected at the same restaurant you patronized, for example, to help build your case.

How to Pursue a Claim for Personal Injury Caused by Food Poisoning

Food-borne disease could be caused by multiple factors including contamination of food by a pathogen, parasite, or toxins. According to a report, there are close to 76 million food poisoning cases reported in U.S. alone every year, and the cause for each case is difficult to pin down to one source. Food poisoning can have severe impact on a victim's health, and it can even be fatal. The victim of such an illness can rightfully file a lawsuit to get the compensation he or she needs to be made whole again.

Winning a Food Poisoning Lawsuit

It can be difficult to prove that you have incurred an illness from eating a particular food item. A defendant, such as a food seller or a food processor can claim that the food was contaminated after it was served to you, or even that the food was not contaminated at all. You will need to prove that the food was contaminated before it was served to you, which might require the testimony of witnesses and experts in medicine, microbiology, or food safety. Getting help from an experienced food poisoning lawyer can make the difference between receiving compensation for your injuries and receiving nothing at all.

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