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Fairway Market Recalls Candy Corn Over Undeclared Allergen

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Fairway Market Recalls Candy Corn Over Undeclared Allergen

In December 2016, Fairway Market of New York announced its recall of its store brand candy corn because the product could contain egg, despite the packaging not stating this. So far, one individual has reported suffering an allergic reaction from consuming Fairway candy corn. Individuals with egg allergies who have purchased this product are advised to return it to the store for a refund or throw it in the trash.

Fairway Market operates specialty food stores in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, many specialty products are sold under the store's own brand. This recall came before more victims fell ill as a result of an undeclared allergen, which can be as dangerous as suffering from food poisoning.

Why Would Eggs be in Candy Corn?

Eggs have many commercial uses. Eggs can be used as emulsifiers, which allow separate liquids to blend while still retaining their unique flavors and other characteristics. Commonly, emulsifiers are used to blend water with oil and other fats.

Common Allergens in Packaged Foods

Eggs are not the only allergen that can be found in packaged foods. Milk, wheat, and soy can also be used in food products for binding and other cooking purposes. When this is the case, manufacturers must state that the product contains these potential allergens.

Sometimes, foods contain traces of allergens because they were manufactured on equipment that also handles foods that contain allergens. Examples of allergens that can contaminate foods this way include:

  • Peanuts;
  • Tree nuts;
  • Shellfish; and
  • Fin fish (cod, tilapia, etc.)

As well as allergens like eggs, milk, wheat, and soy.

What Can Happen if I Consume an Allergen?

If you are not allergic to that particular allergen, nothing should happen. But if you do have a food allergy, consuming that allergen can lead to many different reactions, such as the following:

  • Hives;
  • Rash or flushed skin;
  • Nausea;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Vomiting;
  • A tingling sensation in the mouth or on the lips;
  • Dizziness;
  • Coughing;
  • Abdominal cramps; and
  • Loss of consciousness.

If you begin to experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. When allergic reactions are not treated properly, it is possible for the victim to suffer from anaphylaxis. When anaphylaxis is not treated promptly, the victim's life is in danger.

Work with an Experienced Rolling Meadows Food Poisoning Attorney

If you or your child have suffered from food poisoning because of an undeclared allergen in a packaged or prepared food, you may be entitled to recover monetary compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. To learn more about pursuing a food poisoning claim, contact our team of experienced food poisoning lawyers at Newland & Newland, LLP to set up your initial legal consultation in our office. We serve clients in the Arlington Heights, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Libertyville, Mundelein, Buffalo Grove, Schaumburg, Elk Grove, and Itasca areas.

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