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Foreign Objects in Food Pose Danger to Consumers

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Foreign Objects in Food Pose Danger to ConsumersMost sources of food poisoning come from natural contaminants such as bacteria that infect the food during processing or as a result of improper refrigeration. Consumers can also be injured or become sick from foreign objects that they find in their food. For instance, an Illinois sausage company recently recalled more than 1,000 pounds of pork sausages under the label “Berkshire Natural Casing Sausage” because at least one package contained pieces of plastic in the meat. If you ingest a foreign object that was mixed in your food, you should treat the situation as if it is a food poisoning case, including seeking compensation.

Possible Contaminants

The foreign objects that you may find in food are often associated with the people handling the food, the tools they use during preparation, and the condition of the preparation site. Objects may include:

  • Packaging materials
  • Staples or nails
  • Bits of glass or metal
  • Hair or feces
  • Insects and rodents

There have been horror stories about outrageous items found in food packages, such as human fingers and syringe needles. Finding a foreign object in your food is an obvious example of negligence by the party that prepared the food.

Health Risks

Some foreign objects are clearly visible in the food, meaning you will likely avoid eating it and causing harm to yourself. However, consumers may not notice some foreign objects until they have taken a bite or swallowed the food. Eating a foreign object can be dangerous:

  • The object may cut your mouth and damage your teeth.
  • Biting on a hard object may hurt your jaw.
  • Swallowing the object could cause you to choke or damage your throat and esophagus.
  • The object could cause damage to your digestive organs.
  • A foreign object is likely unsanitary, meaning you are consuming various germs.
  • Objects such as plastic are toxic and may poison you.

Contact an Arlington Heights, Illinois, Food Poisoning Lawyer

If you notice an unusual object in your food, you should immediately stop eating and try to identify what the object is. You should inform the party who served or produced the food in case other consumers may be at risk. If you believe you may have swallowed a foreign object, it is safest to consult with a doctor instead of waiting to see if you get sick. If the foreign object in your food caused injury or illness, a Chicago food poisoning attorney at Newland & Newland, LLP, can help you receive compensation from the negligent party. Schedule a consultation by calling 312-981-0409.


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