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Hip Replacement Recall

 Posted on June 16, 2013 in Food Poisoning

If you've had a hip replacement surgery in the last several years and you're experiencing pain or other complications, you may need to investigate hip product recalls. In January of 2013, the FDA issued a warning about faulty hip replacements for products using metal-on-metal in their design.

These products have been the focus of multiple recall efforts, starting in 2010 when 90,000 Johnson and Johnson Deputy Orthopedics products were realized to have early failure rates. Those particular products, of which 30 different varieties were made, had already found their way to hospitals and operation rooms around the world, affecting many people who had gone through hip replacement.

Metal on metal hip replacements can be dangerous if the metal products begin to corrode. Unfortunately, these particular models were corroding over the course of daily use, so patients were not to blame for any particular behavior that ignited the corrosion process. As the metals break down inside the body, metal poisoning can spread, damaging bones or soft tissue as it goes. Many people experience what's known as ARMD, or adverse reaction to metal debris. Each person can have a different reaction to the metal poisoning connected with ARMD, so patients concerned about this problem should set up an appointment with their regular doctor.

If you have been the victim of a faulty hip replacement that caused metal poisoning or other problems after your hip surgery, you should know that the FDA is currently conducting an investigation about the short term and long term effects of these products. Some of the symptoms associated with a problematic hip replacement may not be apparent right away, so you should still set up a consultation even if your surgery was conducted several years ago. After you have met with a physician, contact a team of experienced Illinois attorneys to represent your rights in a faulty medical product case.

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