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How Can I Recover From Food Poisoning?

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How Can I Recover From Food Poisoning?

Even if you take all the necessary precautions in your own kitchen, you cannot eliminate your risk of contracting food poisoning from contaminated food in other people's homes and at restaurants and other food vendors. It is unrealistic to think that you could completely eliminate this risk by only consuming food you prepared yourself for the rest of your life and even if you were to take this route, it is possible to become ill because of bacteria that contaminated the food you purchase at the farm where it was grown, the distribution center where it was packed, at the store where it was sold, or at another point in the supply chain.

So what can you do if you find yourself suffering from the symptoms of salmonellosis, listeriosis, or another type of foodborne illness? In most healthy individuals, food poisoning resolves itself within a few days and does not require medical attention. Suffering from food poisoning can be painful and inconvenient, but unless you are pregnant, elderly, have a compromised immune system, or you are the parent of a young child who is suffering from food poisoning, you most likely do not need to contact your doctor unless your symptoms are failing to subside.

Treating Food Poisoning Yourself

When you are suffering from food poisoning, it is important that you follow the correct procedures to help yourself recover. Be sure to allow yourself time to rest. Call out of work or school and spend your time at home, either in bed or on the couch. Do not force yourself to exert more energy than necessary while you are recovering.

Drink plenty of water. Food poisoning symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting cause your body to lose fluid, which puts you at risk of becoming dehydrated. Stay away from beverages that have diuretic qualities like soda, coffee, and alcohol and simply stick to water.

Consume foods that carry little to no risk of making your illness worse, like sushi and deli meats. Other foods that can make you feel worse include dairy products and greasy foods – anything that can potentially upset your stomach should be avoided until you are no longer experiencing food poisoning symptoms. Instead, opt for things like toast and plain rice. Bananas are another great option when you are suffering from food poisoning because they contain potassium, which is an important electrolyte.

Work with a Chicago Food Poisoning Attorney

Sometimes, home remedies are not enough to treat food poisoning. If you are suffering to the point that you have to miss substantial amounts of work or need intensive medical care, you could be entitled to recover monetary compensation for your food poisoning damages through a personal injury claim. Contact our team of Chicago personal injury attorneys at Newland & Newland, LLP today to schedule your initial legal consultation with our team. Our office is located in Suite 3700 of the prestigious 180 North LaSalle Street building.

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