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Johnson & Johnson Poised To Consider Settlement

Posted on in Food Poisoning

The world's largest provider of products in the health care field is considering the benefits of settling a huge case regarding hip implant recalls. There are approximately 11,500 lawsuits pending around the country with regard to the defective medical devices, with numerous plaintiffs alleging serious medical conditions and side effects after their hip implants were installed.

The product manufacturer is considering settling all of the lawsuits with an offer of more than $300,000 per case. If it moves forward, this settlement would exceed $3 billion if the plaintiffs were to approve the terms. Previous discussions have yielded settlement offers of less than half this current amount.

In 2001, a manufacturer of a similar product, Sulzer, settled their cases for $1 billion. There are currently seven product-liability trials regarding J&J being held between September and January, which could certainly influence any settlement offers. The negotiations happening during this time are kept private.

More than 93,000 units were recalled worldwide after it was discovered that 12 % failed within the first five years of implant. As more patients have gone through the procedure, that percentage is growing. One of the largest concerns for affected patients is the breakdown of the metal from the implant drifting into the body and causing metal poisoning.

Johnson & Johnson has already spent close to a $1 billion for medical costs and awareness campaigns designed to let patients know about the recall. The company had already set aside money for litigation earlier this year, although that account was increased in June.

Hip implants have made life painful and uncomfortable for thousands of individuals across the country. Defective medical devices can immediately alter your well-being and make day-to-day life extremely difficult. If you have been the victim of a defective medical device, you should set up a meeting with an Illinois personal injury attorney today.

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