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Lake County Wedding Guests Suffer Salmonella Poisoning

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Lake County Wedding Guests Suffer Salmonella Poisoning

When a food supplier's produce or meat becomes contaminated with salmonella, widespread illness can be the result. For example, a recent food poisoning case from Lake county shows a total of 46 cases of salmonella illness that can be traced to one catering company. These individuals ate food supplied from Catered Productions of Libertyville, IL at four separate events: a wedding, a high school swim meet, a religious retreat, and an obstacle race.

Although salmonella poisoning can resolve itself in many cases, it is possible for an individual to suffer tremendously and need medical intervention to recover from this type of food poisoning. The risk of suffering to this degree is higher for individuals with compromised immune systems, the elderly, and very young children. If you have suffered from salmonella or any other type of food poisoning to the point that you have experienced substantial financial losses, work with an experienced food poisoning attorney to file and pursue personal injury claim against the party responsible.

Tracing Salmonella to its Source

In a case like the one listed above, the key to successfully recovering damages for food poisoning is proving where the salmonella-contaminated food came from. This requires documenting where and what you have eaten in the past 72 hours. If others suffered salmonella symptoms after eating one of the same things, that food item could be the culprit.

Report your illness to your local health department, detailing where you ate and when you became ill. This data is important in tracking a salmonella outbreak. If you can not prove the restaurant, supplier, or food vendor that was responsible for your salmonella poisoning, you will not be able to recover compensation through a personal injury claim. Mentally walk yourself through each meal you had over the past few days and talk to your dining companions to find out if they experienced any food poisoning symptoms. Think about any animals you have handled in the past few days, as well. Rodents, turtles, and other small animals can carry salmonella and pass it on to human beings.

Keep documentation of your medical treatment for salmonella to support your claim. Along with proof of the negligent food supplier, you will need proof that you suffered from salmonella and experienced monetary losses because of your illness. This paperwork is critical in proving these issues.

Illinois Food Poisoning Attorneys

Food poisoning can lead to serious complications. If you or somebody you know has suffered from food poisoning that resulted in significant medical bills, time spent away from work, or another type of suffering that could have been prevented, you or the victim could be entitled to receive monetary compensation for the damages caused by the food poisoning through a personal injury claim. Work with an experienced Illinois food poisoning attorney to determine the best way to handle your food poisoning claim. Contact The Law Offices of Newland & Newland, LLP to get started on your case with us today.

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