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Listeria Outbreak Linked to Cheese: Pregnant Women Most at Risk

 Posted on November 11, 2022 in Listeria

joliet food poisoning lawyerA listeria outbreak has been tied to Brie and Camembert cheeses. Listeria is especially dangerous for moms-to-be because an infection can cause pregnancy loss and stillbirths. Young children, the elderly, and those with a weaker immune system also face a higher risk of illness. So far, five people in the United States have been hospitalized because of this outbreak. If you felt sick after eating one of these cheeses, you need a listeria food poisoning attorney who can help.

Brie and Camembert Cheeses Recall

All Old Europe Cheese Brie and Camembert products were distributed to stores across the nation and Mexico between August 1, 2022, and September 28, 2022. Some of the retailers that carry them include Albertsons, Safeway, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Save Mart, and Stop & Shop, among others.

Retailers may have repackaged bulk cheese into smaller packages for sale. That packaging may not have the original food labels. The cheese was sold under multiple brand names including Black Bear, Trader Joe, Prestige, Primo Taglio, Glenview Farms, and Cobblestone, among others.

Listeria Risks During Pregnancy

Listeria is a harmful bacterium that causes a severe illness known as invasive listeriosis because it spreads throughout the body. Pregnant women are 10 times more likely to get listeriosis than any other adult.

Expectant women usually experience fatigue, muscle aches, fever, and muscle aches. Even if pregnant women do not feel sick they can pass the infection on to their unborn babies. Listeriosis can be extremely dangerous during pregnancy for the following reasons:

  • During the first trimester, listeria can cause a miscarriage

  • During the third trimester, listeria can lead to premature labor, infant death, or low birth weight of the baby

  • Infection later in pregnancy increases risks for the baby such as brain, heart, or kidney problems, paralysis, seizures, and blindness

  • Newborns can develop blood infections and meningitis from exposure to listeria

Almost all severe foodborne illnesses result in hospitalizations and sometimes death. Symptoms usually start within 24 hours of eating contaminated food.

Contaminated Cheese Dangers

People who are not pregnant may experience a fever, headache, confusion, imbalance, and convulsions. Others usually get mild food poisoning symptoms and recover without treatment.

If you have had contact with food contaminated with listeria, make sure you do a deep cleaning after you throw away the food because listeria can survive in the refrigerator and spread to other foods.

Contact an Illinois Listeria Food Poisoning Lawyer

Foodborne illnesses can cause symptoms ranging from stomach pain to death. If you contracted listeria from tainted cheese or any other food call Newland & Newland, LLP. An Illinois listeria food poisoning attorney will help you seek the financial compensation you need. Call 312-981-0409 for a free consultation.




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