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McDonald's Cyclospora Food Poisoning Outbreak Ends

 Posted on October 25, 2018 in Food poisoning attorney

McDonald's Cyclospora Food Poisoning Outbreak Ends

A Cyclospora outbreak caused by contaminated salads served at McDonald's appears to be over after affecting 551 people. Salads supplied by Fresh Express and sold at McDonald's across the Midwest were the likely source of this outbreak that led to 24 people being hospitalized. The distribution of affected persons by state is:

  • Connecticut (1)
  • Florida (1)
  • Iowa (99)
  • Illinois (274)
  • Indiana (10)
  • Kentucky (9)
  • Michigan (2)
  • Minnesota (11)
  • Missouri (52)
  • Nebraska (5)
  • New York City (1)
  • Ohio (16)
  • South Dakota (18)
  • Tennessee (1)
  • Wisconsin (10)

The patients in Connecticut, Florida, New York City, Tennessee, and Virginia had purchased salads in one of the Midwest states. A food safety attorney, Fred Pritzker, said, “Producers and processors are going to have to do a better job sourcing ingredients to make sure these parasitic outbreaks end. It's inexcusable that someone would be sick for months just because they bought a salad from a fast food restaurant.” Fred Pritzker has represented many clients in cyclospora lawsuits. McDonald's halted the sale of salads in 3000 outlets across 14 states in mid-July.

An FDA analysis of a romaine lettuce and carrot mix sample provided by Fresh Express confirmed the presence of the cyclospora parasite. Romaine lettuce from the same lot had been supplied in premade salads and wraps distributed by Caito Foods of Indianapolis. Those products were recalled on July 30, 2018.

Cyclospora cayetanensis, a microscopic parasite found in the tropical regions of the world, contaminates food and water. When eaten it passes in a bowel movement, then the oocyst needs time to become infectious, after which it may affect other people. Symptoms include severe diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss, body aches, fatigue, and stomach cramps.

What if I Have Been Infected by Restaurant Food?

If you or your child experienced food poisoning because of the negligence of a food or restaurant and experienced injuries and financial damages as a result, you have the right to pursue compensation for those damages through a personal injury claim.

At Newland & Newland, LLP, our goal is to help people who are experiencing a food-related illness due to contaminated food you bought from a store or restaurant. Our food poisoning lawyers are compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable in Illinois personal injury lawsuits, and we are committed to working hard on your case.

If you are suffering from a food-related illness in the Arlington Heights, Libertyville, Chicago, or Itasca areas, call us at today at 312-981-0409, or a fill out our online contact form for a complimentary evaluation of your situation. We serve clients in the Arlington Heights, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Libertyville, Mundelein, Buffalo Grove, Schaumburg, Elk Grove, and Itasca areas.

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