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Allergic Reaction at Fast Food Chain Leads to Death

Being exposed to a foodborne pathogen can have serious consequences, some of which many people are familiar with. Many people have suffered food poisoning and the gastrointestinal discomfort that comes along with it. Similarly, those with food allergies are likely all too familiar with the effects of being exposed to a food that is dangerous for them to eat. But while food poisoning and the side effects of food allergies may be somewhat familiar for a large number of people, death from food poisoning or a food allergy certainly is not.

Tragically, a person died after having an allergic reaction to an item served by the food chain Pret a Manger; the connection between the food and the death has recently been confirmed. The death is the second associated with the company.

Death After Allergic Reaction

Deer Antler Tea Tied to Los Angeles Botulism Cases

Two residents of Orange County have become ill with botulism, a potentially deadly illness linked to the consumption of canned and fermented goods. One of the residents was confirmed to be suffering from botulism by the Orange County Health Care Agency. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health suspects the two cases are linked to the consumption of deer antler tea obtained in March of 2017 and urge all individuals who have this tea in their possession to dispose of it.

Botulism and other types of food poisoning can have long-lasting repercussions for victims. Individuals who suffer from these repercussions may seek compensation for their damages from the parties responsible for their illnesses.

Botulism Symptoms

Food Poisoning Risks of Consuming Raw Sprouts

Certain types of food pose a greater food poisoning risk to consumers than others. Generally, foods with organic sources, such as meat, dairy, and produce products are more likely to harbor dangerous bacteria than processed foods because they are not created in controlled facilities. This does not mean that they cannot harbor harmful bacteria. Any food or consumable product can cause an individual to suffer from food poisoning if it contains harmful bacteria or foreign objects.

One type of food that receives a lot of attention for its food poisoning hazard is raw sprouts. Sprouts can harbor E.Coli and Salmonella bacteria. In the past 20 years, sprouts have been linked to at least 30 food poisoning outbreaks.

Which Sprouts are Most Dangerous to Consume?

Three Dead, Five Ill After a Thanksgiving Luncheon at Antioch American Legion Hall

During the holiday season, churches and charitable organizations across the country host meals and social gatherings for the residents of their communities, particularly those residents who do not have close friends or relatives to visit for holiday celebrations. These gatherings are often organized and staffed by volunteers who, despite having kind intentions, do not always have the food handling skills necessary to safely serve others. Food may be kept at room temperature on long buffets to ensure that all guests have the chance to eat at these celebrations, potentially fostering harmful bacteria.

In November 2016, a community church in California hosted a Thanksgiving luncheon using food donated from local restaurants. Approximately 800 people attended the event. In the days that followed, eight of the attendees were admitted to local hospitals with food poisoning symptoms. Of the eight, three died.

Food Poisoning Compilations Can Be Deadly

New Study Shows Crohn's Disease Could be Linked to Food Poisoning

Recent research from McMaster University found that individuals who have suffered from food poisoning may be at a greater risk of developing Crohn's Disease than individuals who have not suffered from food poisoning. The findings were published in the journal PLOS Pathogens.

The research indicates that a heightened risk of developing Crohn's Disease could be a long-term complication of food poisoning, but this is not the only long-term complication food poisoning victims can face. Organ damage is another complication that a food poisoning victim can suffer. If you suffer from complications that result in substantial financial damages as a result of preventable food poisoning, you could be entitled to receive monetary compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. Work with a personal injury lawyer who has specific experience pursuing food poisoning claims to seek the compensation you need for your medical bills and other damages if you are in this situation.

The Research Findings

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