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Avoid Food Poisoning When Your Child Goes Back to School this Year

As the new school year approaches, parents have a ton of decisions to make. One of these is what your child will eat during school hours. Some parents give their children money to buy lunch and snacks from the school cafeteria, while others pack lunches for their children to bring.

There are pros and cons to each approach. Although a home-packed lunch is often healthier than cafeteria fare, making and packaging lunches can be time-consuming. Parents also often have concerns about the safety of their children's food, whether the food comes from home or from the cafeteria. For example, cafeteria food is prepared on site and served while it is still hot, but there is no way to know how the food was handled or stored before it was prepared. Lunch from home, on the other hand, might sit in a brown bag or lunchbox for hours before lunch, allowing the food to enter the danger zone. There is no perfect school lunch solution, but there are steps a parent can take to lower a child's chance of succumbing to food poisoning at school this year.

Know Which Foods are Safe to Pack and How to Pack Them

Spices Recalled After Lead is Found

Gel Spice Inc., a New Jersey-based spice producer that manufactures multiple brands of turmeric, has recalled its product after lead was found in multiple brands' packaged ground turmeric. Initially, a routine sampling of the turmeric by the New York State Department of Agriculture determined that one lot of Fresh Finds brand turmeric powder contained an unsafe level of lead. Further testing found high lead levels in multiple brands from Gel Spice Inc. These brands include Gel, Market Pantry, Lieber's, Clear Value, Spice Supreme, and Spice Select.

These brands are distributed at food retailers throughout the nation. Although no illnesses have been reported in conjunction with the tainted turmeric, individuals who have turmeric from any of the lot numbers listed in the FDA release linked above are urged to throw the spices away and call the company's consumer hotline with any questions.

When dangerous elements like lead contaminate food products, individuals who eat those products can become ill or even die. If you have become ill after consuming a contaminated food product, consider filing a food poisoning claim to pursue compensation for your damages.

Waterborne Food Poisoning: A New Concern Amid Climate Change

Whether you believe in climate change or not, whether you believe climate change is due to human activity or not, the fact is this: There have been measurable changes to the planet's temperature in recent decades. These changes have led to multiple chain reactions, such as thinner ice sheets in the Arctic Ocean driving polar bears south and rising sea levels threatening human residences in coastal areas. Another effect of climate change is the increased number of waterborne food poisoning cases reported.

Raw oysters have been linked to foodborne illness more than other types of seafood, though illness has been linked to the consumption of multiple species. For comparison, in the late 1990s, an average of 390 lab-confirmed cases of waterborne food poisoning were reported in the United States each year. Today, that number is more than 1,000 each year. Food poisoning can be caused by many different types of bacteria, and each type of bacteria is linked to specific symptoms. If you become ill because of another party's failure to properly clean, store, transport, or prepare food, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your damages.

Raw Oysters Can Cause Vibrio Illness

What to Do if Your Child Gets Food Poisoning at Summer Camp

Every year, thousands of children and teens from around the country head off to summer camp to spend a week or longer away from their families, mastering new skills and building new friendships. Although some camps only last a few hours each day, known as day camps, others have campers sleep over in cabins or tents. These camps are known as sleep-away camps and while campers are there, the camps provide them with all their meals.

If a child is served unsafe food at camp, he or she can become ill. Examples of dangerous bacteria that can be found in food served at summer camp as well as food found elsewhere include Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus, E.coli, and Staphylococcus. Food poisoning can be much more dangerous for children than it is for adults because children's immune systems are still developing. The younger the child, the more profoundly food poisoning can affect him or her. If your child becomes ill with food poisoning and requires medical care, you can seek compensation for any damages associated with the illness through a food poisoning claim.

The Camp Has the Duty to Keep Your Child Safe

Republican National Convention Attendees Suffer from Norovirus Outbreak

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland has come to a close, and from it came speeches from Republican leaders from around the country, hours of footage, and presidential nominee Donald Trump's official nomination, along with his running mate, Michael Pence. But something else happened during the convention. 11 members of the California delegation's support team fell ill with what appears to be norovirus, a highly contagious virus that can be transmitted from person to person and through consuming contaminated food or water. The individuals who fell ill were staying at the Kalahari Resorts approximately one hour away from the convention in Sandusky, Ohio.

Two of the 11 victims were pregnant and needed to be hospitalized. Like other types of food poisoning, norovirus can be especially dangerous for the elderly, young children, pregnant women, and individuals with compromised immune systems. If you experience any of the symptoms of norovirus listed below, take steps to keep yourself hydrated and avoid any strenuous activity while you recover. It is also important that you avoid contact with others during your recovery because norovirus is contagious. If your symptoms worsen or fail to subside within a few days, seek medical attention.

Symptoms of Norovirus

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