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Five Food Poisoning Outbreaks that Made America Sick in 2015

Food poisoning outbreaks happen every year throughout the United States and around the world. 2015 was no different. Below are five of the most significant food poisoning outbreaks that affected the United States last year.

Keep yourself and your family safe by staying up to date with food recalls as they are announced. By avoiding foods that could potentially be contaminated with dangerous bacteria, you can prevent serious illness that can lead to lost wages, high medical bills, and physical and emotional discomfort. If you do suffer from food poisoning because of another party's negligence, consider seeking compensation for your losses through a food poisoning claim.

5. Blue Bell Listeria Outbreak

Chipotle Concerns Reach Boston College

Recently, an outbreak of E.coli found in Chipotle locations in nine states was linked to more than 50 illness cases. The outbreak reached Boston College, where at least eight members of the men's basketball team became ill after eating at a local Chipotle outlet. Their illnesses made them unable to play, forcing the team to cancel practice and a game against Providence College.

Food poisoning, like E.coli, can become serious to the point that it creates health complications for those who come into contact with it. In many cases, especially where the victim is a young, healthy individual, food poisoning resolves itself within a few days. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, E.coli infection becomes hemolytic uremic syndrome, a condition that can lead to kidney shut down and following that, permanent kidney damage or death. If you notice yourself suffering from E.coli symptoms like a low fever, diarrhea, and stomach cramps, seek medical attention as soon as you can.

How is E.coli Spread?

New York Salmonella Scare Linked to Raw Milk

The New York Department of Agriculture and Markets recently published a food safety alert regarding raw milk from Jerry Dell Farm, Inc. in Freeville, New York. Samples of the milk found that it was contaminated with Salmonella, a type of bacteria that can cause a variety of illness symptoms like nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and diarrhea. Beyond these symptoms, salmonella infection can also lead to arthritis, endocarditis, and arterial infections. Salmonella poisoning can be especially dangerous for individuals with weak or compromised immune systems, such as children and the elderly.

Although no illnesses have been reported in relation to this milk scare, it is important that you are vigilant about the dairy products you and your family consume. Keep yourself educated about recalls through websites like and always store and prepare food properly to minimize your risk of infection. If you do suffer from food poisoning, though, know that you have the option to seek monetary compensation for your losses through a food poisoning claim.

What is Raw Milk?

Climate Change Linked to an Increase in Ciguatera Poisoning

Scientists and politicians still can not agree about whether climate change is happening because of human activities. As that debate rages on, we can agree on some concrete facts. One of these is the increase in reported cases of ciguatera poisoning, a type of food poisoning that is associated with the consumption of certain types of fish, such as barracuda.

Although food poisoning is often thought of as a minor affliction that resolves itself in due time, it can have serious complications that require significant medical intervention. In cases like this, victims can seek compensation for their losses through personal injury claims.

Symptoms of Ciguatera Poisoning

E.Coli Poisoning Linked to Celery Sold at Walmart, Target, and Starbucks

The Centers for Disease Control recently announced an outbreak of E.Coli linked to celery grown, manufactured, and packaged by Taylor Farms. This came after 19 people reportedly became ill after eating the celery sold at a Costco in Montana. Of these victims, five were hospitalized and two suffered from a type of kidney failure known as hemolytic uremic syndrome. The majority of these individuals suffered after consuming rotisserie chicken salad from Costco, but the tainted celery has also been found to have been sold in Walmart, Target, Safeway, Albertons, King Soopers, Pantry, Savemart, 7-11, Von's, Tony's, and Starbucks stores. In most of these stores, it was packaged as part of preconstructed salads and deli sandwiches. The celery's producer, Taylor Farms Pacific, Inc., has recalled the product.

Escherichia coli O157:H7, also known as E. coli, is a group of foodborne bacteria that can cause food poisoning. In some cases, such as those listed above, E.coli poisoning can lead to severe complications. If you or a loved one have suffered from a severe illness after being infected by E.coli, you could be entitled to monetary compensation through a food poisoning claim.

What is E. Coli?

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