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Two Defective Ventilator Products Recalled by FDA

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A ventilator is a machine that assists people who are unable to breath by mechanically supplying oxygen and pulling out poisonous carbon dioxide. They can usually be found in intensive care units, emergency rooms, and when receiving healthcare at home. They can also be used during surgery for people who are under anesthesia, in case their heart is slowed too much. There are also manual units which are pumped during activities like CPR.

Given the uses of ventilators, the FDA has issued the highest class of recalls for two ventilator products. A Class I recall signifies that a medical product may cause serious injuries or death.

Ventlab, a corporation which manufactures ventilator products, had one of their manual units recalled by the FDA. The recall affects ventilators made during March and July of 2012. There is a defective valve which prevents patients from receiving oxygen, even though the bag inflates. Failures of this ventilator could lead to life-threatening situations including hypoxia, hypoventilation, and even death. This recall is on the heels of Ventlab issuing their own voluntary recall in July.

Bunnell, who manufactures the Life Pulse High-Frequency Ventilator Patient Circuits, is also part of a recall by the FDA. All units distributed between the end of March until the beginning of November are part of the recall. 12 failures have been reported where wire insulation melts and smokes near the humidifier cartridge out of almost 6,000 units in that time frame. These units are mostly used for critically ill infants experiencing respiratory distress.

When these products are used, it is absolutely necessary that they work correctly. If you have been injured by any medical device, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. Contact an experienced medical liability lawyer in Chicago who will be dedicated in seeking the best outcome.

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