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What to Know About an Illinois Food Poisoning Lawsuit

 Posted on March 19, 2024 in Food Poisoning

Chicago food poisoning lawyerGetting sick from contaminated food is a miserable experience that no one should have to go through. If you suffer from food poisoning after dining at a restaurant or purchasing groceries, you may be entitled to compensation. Properly documenting the incident is crucial for building a strong food poisoning lawsuit case. An Illinois lawyer can help you form your case based on the evidence you can bring forward.

Seek Medical Attention Right Away

If you suspect food poisoning, your health should be the top priority. Seek medical care immediately, even if the symptoms seem mild at first. Complications from foodborne illnesses can be severe and even life-threatening in some cases. Your medical records will serve as vital evidence detailing your symptoms, test results, and treatment.

Save the Food Evidence

If you still have the contaminated food that caused your illness, keep it. Properly store the food in a sealed container or plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer. This physical evidence can potentially reveal the pathogen responsible for your sickness through lab testing. If the offending food has been discarded, document it by taking photos and keeping any receipts, packaging, or labels.

Document Your Symptoms

Keep a detailed log of all your symptoms, including their start, severity, and duration. Note any visits to the doctor, tests performed, medications prescribed, and instructions given by medical professionals. This documentation will support your claims of damages and suffering caused by the food poisoning incident.

Identify the Source

Pinpoint the specific restaurant, grocery store, or food vendor where you believe you consumed the contaminated food. Note the date, time, location, and any other pertinent details about your visit or purchase. If you dined out, keep your receipt and any leftover napkins, utensils, or packaging from the meal.

Report the Incident

Once you have identified the likely source of your food poisoning, report the incident to the appropriate authorities. You can file a complaint in Illinois with your local health department or the Illinois Department of Public Health. Provide them with as much information as possible, including the details of your illness, the suspected food source, and any evidence you have collected.

Gather Supporting Documentation

Collect and organize any additional documentation that may support your food poisoning claim. This could include witness statements from anyone who dined with you or saw you become ill, photographs of the restaurant or food establishment, and any communications (emails, letters, etc.) with the business regarding your illness.

Contact a Chicago, IL Food Poisoning Lawyer

Food poisoning lawsuits can be complex, involving multiple parties and lengthy legal processes. It is advisable to consult with a Chicago, IL food poisoning attorney to help with the steps along the way. We cannot guarantee compensation, but knowing that we have secured over $1 million in food poisoning settlements is beneficial. Call Newland & Newland, LLP at 312-981-0409 for a free consultation.

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