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Wondering How and Why You Came Down with Food Poisoning?

Posted on in Foodborne illness

joliet food poisoning lawyerIn American society, there is too often a sense that if someone is suffering due to a foodborne illness, they are simply grappling with a turn of bad luck. In reality, food poisoning usually occurs because of negligent practices by individuals or companies. As a result, many cases of food poisoning are legally actionable. Inadequate hygiene, poor safety practices, and a host of other preventable challenges are what generally lead to food poisoning on farms, in manufacturing facilities, packaging centers, stores, restaurants, and events where food is served.

There are two challenges that generally make filing a food poisoning matter in civil court particularly tricky. First, a plaintiff must be able to prove that their food poisoning resulted in financial loss, such as medical bills from a hospital stay and lost income due to time off taken to recover. Second, it can be difficult to prove exactly how and why a food poisoning victim became ill.

Retracing One’s Steps  

For a food poisoning case to be actionable, a victim must be able to prove that they were suffering from food poisoning, not an alternative medical condition. As a result – and so that they can be treated effectively – it is important for those who have been made ill to seek medical attention and to obtain a formal diagnosis.

Once the specific kind of food poisoning that someone has suffered has been definitively identified by a physician, the victim can begin retracing what and where they have eaten in order to discern exactly why they got sick. Because food poisoning symptoms do not always manifest in the same ways and on the same timelines, it may take some investigative efforts to pinpoint exactly what product someone purchased at a store or dish someone was served at a dining establishment made that individual sick.

Contact a Savvy Illinois Food Poisoning Lawyer for Additional Information

If you have been sickened and have experienced financial loss as a result of food poisoning but you cannot yet prove exactly how and when you were made ill, do not hesitate to reach out to the knowledgeable Chicago, Illinois food poisoning lawyers at Newland & Newland, LLP for guidance. It is possible that others were also sickened by the same restaurants or products you enjoyed before becoming symptomatic and pinpointing the source of your illness may be easier than you might think.

But even if tracing the origins of your illness takes time, it may be an effort worth your energy. Especially if you spent considerable time recovering from your illness or experienced complications, the stakes of your case may be high enough to justify the investment of your time. To learn more about our firm’s services and how we might be able to help, schedule a free consultation today by calling 312-981-0409 or by connecting with our team online. We look forward to hearing from you.


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