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Candy Food Poisoning in the Philippines Result of Poor Hygiene

A recent food poisoning outbreak from a batch of candy sent nearly 2,000 children to the hospital in the Philippines. Nearly all of the children that were affected by the poisoning have recovered. Health Secretary Janette Garin indicated that preliminary lab results found that human skin and hair were likely the source of contamination in the candy. The contamination could be because the candy makers did not wash their hands or did not wear proper gear, such as gloves and hairnets, and as a result sweat and hair follicles dripped into the candy ingredients. Garin also noted that further tests had to be done to check for the presence of pesticides and toxic chemicals.

The company, Wendy's Durian Candy, has been ordered to stop manufacturing candy to avoid further complications. The company's suspension will be cleared pending the results of an inspection by the Food and Drug Administration.

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