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Hepatitis A Outbreak is Linked to Frozen Strawberries by the FDA

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have linked a recent outbreak of Hepatitis A to frozen strawberries imported to the country by the International Company for Agricultural Production and Processing (ICAPP). The strawberries were received at five distribution centers throughout the nation and sold under various regional brand names. In October 2016, ICAPP recalled the strawberries, but by then, they might have reached consumers and could have been part of food service operations as late as early November 2016. As of late October 2016, 130 people reported suffering from Hepatitis A after possibly consuming the strawberries.

Hepatitis A, like many other types of food poisoning, can have serious complications for a victim, such as reduced liver function. There is a vaccine for Hepatitis A that can protect a patient for up to one year.

Symptoms of Hepatitis A

New Study Shows Crohn's Disease Could be Linked to Food Poisoning

Recent research from McMaster University found that individuals who have suffered from food poisoning may be at a greater risk of developing Crohn's Disease than individuals who have not suffered from food poisoning. The findings were published in the journal PLOS Pathogens.

The research indicates that a heightened risk of developing Crohn's Disease could be a long-term complication of food poisoning, but this is not the only long-term complication food poisoning victims can face. Organ damage is another complication that a food poisoning victim can suffer. If you suffer from complications that result in substantial financial damages as a result of preventable food poisoning, you could be entitled to receive monetary compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. Work with a personal injury lawyer who has specific experience pursuing food poisoning claims to seek the compensation you need for your medical bills and other damages if you are in this situation.

The Research Findings

Eggo Waffles Recalled After Listeria Scare

Food poisoning can occur with fresh items, like meat and vegetables straight from the farm, or with packaged items that can be purchased frozen or vacuum-sealed. Many individuals do not realize that processed and packaged foods can be as dangerous as fresh foods because the processes the foods go through before reaching store shelves should ideally kill any harmful bacteria. A recent report of listeria being found in packages of Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat waffles has changed many individuals' perception of the safety of packaged foods.

Only the Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat variety of waffles was recalled. Other varieties and other products from Kellogg Company are safe to eat, the company reports. Kellogg Company voluntarily recalled packages of potentially-affected waffles in September 2016.

Strong>Effects of Listeria


Spices Recalled After Lead is Found

Gel Spice Inc., a New Jersey-based spice producer that manufactures multiple brands of turmeric, has recalled its product after lead was found in multiple brands' packaged ground turmeric. Initially, a routine sampling of the turmeric by the New York State Department of Agriculture determined that one lot of Fresh Finds brand turmeric powder contained an unsafe level of lead. Further testing found high lead levels in multiple brands from Gel Spice Inc. These brands include Gel, Market Pantry, Lieber's, Clear Value, Spice Supreme, and Spice Select.

These brands are distributed at food retailers throughout the nation. Although no illnesses have been reported in conjunction with the tainted turmeric, individuals who have turmeric from any of the lot numbers listed in the FDA release linked above are urged to throw the spices away and call the company's consumer hotline with any questions.

What to Do if Your Child Gets Food Poisoning at Summer Camp

Every year, thousands of children and teens from around the country head off to summer camp to spend a week or longer away from their families, mastering new skills and building new friendships. Although some camps only last a few hours each day, known as day camps, others have campers sleep over in cabins or tents. These camps are known as sleep-away camps and while campers are there, the camps provide them with all their meals.

If a child is served unsafe food at camp, he or she can become ill. Examples of dangerous bacteria that can be found in food served at summer camp as well as food found elsewhere include Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus, E.coli, and Staphylococcus. Food poisoning can be much more dangerous for children than it is for adults because children's immune systems are still developing. The younger the child, the more profoundly food poisoning can affect him or her. If your child becomes ill with food poisoning and requires medical care, you can seek compensation for any damages associated with the illness through a food poisoning claim.

The Camp Has the Duty to Keep Your Child Safe

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